• Specialized Math Instruction

    To best serve each child, a customized math learning plan is developed. This plan is based on information gathered from student and parent interviews, a review of the student’s academic… Continue Reading →

  • School Support

    Alicia has over two decades worth of experience helping students succeed in their math classes.  She personalizes each lesson according to the student’s learning profile gathered from student and parent… Continue Reading →

  • Homeschool Supplementation and Parent Consultation

    Whatever you need to help make the wonderful and tremendous task of homeschooling successful, Alicia can offer the assistance you are looking for. As a licensed teacher, she can provide… Continue Reading →

  • Math Enrichment

    Is your child ready to take their math learning to the next level?  Would you like your child to develop a life-long love of math? Do you want to help… Continue Reading →

  • Academic Coaching

    “Academic Coaching” can be defined as a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning.  During these sessions, students are taught how to examine their learning styles, work habits,… Continue Reading →