Specialized Math Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one math instruction tailored to the student’s learning profile and needs.
  • Hands on multi-sensory learning experiences that progress at student’s pace.
  • Opportunities for student to understand and develop their math learning style.
  • Collaboration and communication with school and class teacher
  • Frequent communication with parents.
  • Documentation of skills taught in a strategy notebook.
  • School math support including lessons on topics from class, homework support, test preparation.
  • Filling gaps in student’s math learning from the ground up.
  • Academic coaching and executive functioning skills embedded into math lessons.
  • Subjects that can be taught include: elementary school math, middle school math, high school math including: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, SAT/ACT prep, GED prep.

To best serve each child, a customized math learning plan is developed. This plan is based on information gathered from student and parent interviews, a review of the student’s academic history, and initial assessments.  Research-based teaching techniques, as well as hands-on, multi-sensory learning experiences are utilized in each session.  Instruction is explicit and systematic, and progresses at the student’s own pace.  Ample opportunities for practice include frequent cumulative review and ongoing progress monitoring.  Students are encouraged to discuss their thought processes and represent their understanding of specific math concepts in multiple ways.

To help students remember what they’ve learned, a strategy notebook is used to document each new math skill or concept taught. Students are instructed on how to record step-by-step directions with accompanying examples to explain how to complete specific math problems. A variety of customized teacher-made materials, math programs (such as “On Cloud Nine,” “Key Curriculum Press,” , “Touch Math,”, “Math U See”) and a variety of web-based and iPad apps are used to ensure a student’s success. Additionally, textbooks and materials used in a student’s math class can be utilized during instruction sessions.

Sessions may include teaching the content covered at school at the student’s pace, homework support, math fact fluency, project completion, pre-teaching the content coming up at school, and studying for tests and quizzes.  With parent approval, Alicia regularly collaborates with classroom teachers to maximize the student’s learning.

Students are encouraged to understand themselves as math learners, and to self-advocate so they can maximize their learning strengths. For example, if a student identifies himself/herself as a visual learner, he/she may think to use graph paper, make diagrams, act it out, use a graphing calculator, or color code different steps in an algorithm.  Active learning and executive functioning strategies are also embedded into each session.  Students are trained and encouraged to discover the methods that work best for them.