Specialized Math Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one math instruction tailored to the student’s learning needs.
  • Instruction is explicit and systematic
  • Hands on multi-sensory learning experiences that progress at the student’s pace.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss their thought processes and represent their understanding of specific math concepts in multiple ways.
  • Active learning and executive functioning strategies are also embedded throughout.
  • Every new skill or concept taught is recorded in a color-coded math strategy notebook and includes strategies, steps, examples, and drawings.
  • Opportunities for the student to understand themselves as a math learner
  • Frequent communication with parents and teachers
  • Academic coaching and executive functioning skills embedded into math lessons.
  • Subjects that can be taught include: elementary school math, middle school math, high school math including: Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II.

School Support: Instruction may include solidifying skills and concepts, homework support, math fact fluency, project completion, pre-teaching the content coming up at school, and studying for tests and quizzes.  With parent approval, Alicia regularly collaborates with classroom teachers and special educators.

Remediation: Alicia specializes in working with students who are several grades behind in math by helping them to fill key gaps in their math foundation.  When needed, the goal of instruction is to circle back and to focus on foundational skills from previous grades.

Homeschool: As a certified math educator in the state of Vermont, Alicia is qualified to teach math to students who are homeschooled.  She has had 2-3 homeschool students each year since 2015.  They range in grade from elementary through Algebra II.